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Condensation Cured are a Nuaire BPEC Approved Installer
To show our commitment to the Ventilation industry, Condensation Cured became BPEC approved by the largest fan Manufacturer in the UK. BPEC is the industry recognised standard in Ventilation Installations. We have invested time for our staff to visit Nuaire, the fan manufacturer and spend 2 full days training and passed an examination at the end of the course for which 100% must be achieved. We can advise customers on New Build and Retro Fit ventilation. We know what duties fans should be performing at, what causes condensation and mould, and most importantly how to prevent the problem in the first place.

We can install New Build Ventilation Products or Retro fit ventilation products
'Others Sell Fans - we provide solutions' This is a strapline that we are extremely proud of. We work with our customers to provide them with a solution to the problems that they have and we know our customers appreciate this. They can be sure that we would not recommend any systems that are unecessary, we do not try to upsell products to increase our sales/profits if the customer does not need it we do not sell it. We know that our customers are looking for a cost effective solution to their condensation and mould problem and that is exactly what we do.

When you speak to any of our staff our enthusiasm for your solution will become obvious, it will be apparent that we invest lots of time and money into our business, from staff training, customer education, engineer tools and specialist damp meters. We only use the best products, so we can offer the best information/solution to you, our end customers.


As standard we do not offer customers a seperate survey of their property for a number of reasons. Many Companies advertise Free Surveys, but do you really think this is free or is it built into your end price anyway? When we were carrying out surveys we were finding that we just couldnt get the cost to an affordable level for the customer. By the time we factored in the surveyors wages, costs of cars for the surveyors and fuel costs it was just becoming an unaffordable solution for our customers. We decided that we would operate on a survey / install basis. We do not employ any pushy salesmen or surveyors. We find that the best people to survey your property is our team of engineers who install the products and see the problems day in day out. They attend, carry out the assessment of your property and then confirm whether or not our solutions are right for your home. If our products are right for your home then we guarantee that our price will not exceed what you have been quoted originally and he will have the equipment on him to carry out the works the same day. So no nasty surprises when we come to do the job.

Condensation Cured is a leading UK supplier and installer of Positive Input Ventilation systems (PIVs) which are a proven method of curing condensation, black mould and some low level dampness problems. A PIV System improves the air quality and ventilation by continuously bringing in and circulating clean, filtered air from outdoors whereby improving the indoor air quality and also preventing damage to the fabric of the building caused by condensation, mould and damp.

Condensation Cured is built upon honesty to landlords and homeowners and a genuine passion for improving indoor air quality for the owners and occupants of condensation and mould affected homes - that is our ultimate goal. We are a good, old fashioned, honest and reliable company, and we are extremely proud to say it.

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